About Us


Launched in 2015, SweepMania features the top most interesting sweepstakes of the day in an email newsletter. Our vision is simple: we want to make it easier for our subscribers to enter (and win!) sweepstakes. For us, this boils down to a few key things:

- Quality -

We cut through the spam and focus on giveaways that are worth entering. Let’s face it: sweepstakes are often spammy and you never know which ones you can trust. Our aim is to find you quality sweepstakes from reputable companies only.

- Time saving -

Our selection process saves you time. We only pick sweepstakes that are worth entering. We specifically look for the ones that are hassle-free, and most importantly, with prizes worth winning!

- Better odds -

We want to increase your odds to win. How? Simple – the more competitions you enter, the greater the chances of winning! SweepMania will help you to enter more sweepstakes, with minimal effort.